Architectural Metal Systems

Altium Building is a leader in providing Architectural Metal Systems with over 30 years of professional experience. We have partnered with our various suppliers to offer the most comprehensive array of products available in the industry. We offer Metal Wall Cladding, Plate Wall Panels and fastening Systems, Standing Seam and Traditional Bolt on Metal Roofing, Preformed Insulated Metal Wall and Roof Panels. Also our in house fabrication shop can custom shear , break and roll form an array of metal materials.

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Metal Roofing Systems

A metal roof will likely be the last roof you ever purchase. Our quality metal roof will last generations – three times or longer than an asphalt shingle roof subsequently costing as little or less than asphalt as the life expectancy of an asphalt roof is only 10 – 15 years. On average, a quality metal roof can substantially.

Metal wall cladding is strong yet lightweight, and provides relatively straight forward installation and quick coverage. Altium uses it extensively on a wide variety of buildings.

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Client Testimonials

"Altium Building Corp has done a great job on my project. !! Highly Recommended very professional."

Jack Summers

"The staff are amazing to work with. Quality work done on time and on budget."

Josie Miller

"We are thrilled with the work that was done by Altium and their team. "

Clark Thompson
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