Structural Metal Systems

Structural Metal Systems

Structural Metal Systems

We offer the ultimate in metal roof and floor decking and long-span composite metal deck for multi – rise buildings. Our technically advanced systems provide excellent acoustic performance and fire protection. Altium’s crews install the metal deck using approved field installation drawings that incorporate project requirements.

Long Span Composite Floor System

Long Span Composite Floor incorporates deep profile galvanized metal deck, standard concrete and single bar reinforcement to produce structurally efficient flooring systems suitable for a wide range of building applications. This construction technique results in significant cost savings and is ideal for fast track construction; especially in tight working spaces. Additionally, this unique concept achieves a very shallow overall structural floor and long clear spans of up to 10 meters allowing for open concept designs and higher ceiling heights within building layouts.

Metal Roof Decking

Metal Roof Deck is a structural component used on flat roof applications. The roof sheet spans over structural supports to provide flat strong substrates to apply built-up roofing, membrane roofing and/or insulated metal roofing systems. The metal deck can be rolled from such materials as Galvanized sheet steel, pre-finished colored sheet steel, and Barrier series prefinished sheet steel to list a few.

Metal Floor Decking

Metal Floor Deck / composite slabs are used in many different applications to provide mezzanines for industrial buildings, multiple floors for office buildings and second floors for schools. In some cases, shear studs, screeds, and closure angels are installed to complete the steel floor deck package. Steel roof and floor deck can be rolled from many different materials and gauges to suit any application.


Pre-Engineered Buildings

Preformed insulated panels consist of prefinished galvanized steel facings chemically bonded to a continuously foamed-in-place core. The core provides thermal insulation, while the durable steel skins supply impact resistance, strength for increased span capacity, and a built-in vapor barrier. Insulated panels provide distinctive architectural features in both horizontal and vertical orientations, with a wide variety of dazzling architectural effects available, such as transverse and longitudinal bends, varied reveals, and curved panels.

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